131: Logos, Lion Cancer and Laughs with Andy Juett

Andy Juett joins us to discuss the State of Colorado’s search for a new logo, the bizarre outbreak of lion cancer at the Denver Zoo, and the 2013 High Plains Comedy Festival.


130: North of Breaking Bad

Marijuana legalization in Colorado is currently as close to wiping out the local black market for drugs as “Breaking Bad” is to accurately representing meth trafficking.

How might things change if we recast the villains?

Vanessa takes a trip to Colorado College to talk with Santiago Guerra, a professor of Southwest Studies and a popular course called The Drug War, about the drug trade—from its origins in cattle rustling along the U.S.-Mexico border to cocaine raids along I-25 in the wake of Amendment 64, as well as TV series like “Breaking Bad,” “The Wire,” and newcomer “The Bridge.”


128: The Summer Love-Hate Forecast Edition with Taylor Gonda

We make a few predictions about summer: The hit summer jam, best concerts, fashion trends, cocktails, best/worst patios in Denver, and more. With special guest Taylor Gonda, co-host of the These Things Matter podcast.


127: The Free Our Beer Edition

In this episode: WTF’s up with Amazon not picking the homegrown comedy sitcom Those Who Can’t for a full series? Did KHOW talker Peter Boyles assault his longtime radio producer with a vicious lanyard yanking? Why does 7-11 want the drinking proletariat to “Free Our Beer” from the evil craft beer cartel? Kyle Freeman, Diatribe’s official #1 listener, confuses Ron with talk of the Reddits.


125: Neighborhood Wars-Denver’s Best Neighborhoods Edition

VOTE (AND WIN!) BEFORE 11:59 P.M. WEDNESDAY, MAY 23: Vote for one of our 16 semi-finalist Denver neighborhoods and win a pair of comedy CDs from funny guys Adam Cayton-Holland and Andrew Orvedahl!

Vanessa pits the guys against each other this week in the second half of our “Neighborhood Wars” series. Ron, Joel, Josh, and Jared pitch and punch their way through three rounds of timed challenges in a search for the best neighborhoods in Denver. Are Jared’s and Josh’s arguments for the city’s emerging and gentrifying ‘hoods any match for Joel’s and Ron’s defenses of the trendier and tonier ones?


124: Neighborhood Wars – Denver Renters’ Guide Edition

This week, Vanessa and Ron ask local real-estate maven Rachel Hultin of Urban Niche Realty to school us on the uber-competitive rental-housing market as Vanessa launches her search for a new home. Rachel shares her expertise on today’s hottest and up-and-coming neighborhoods, renters’ rights, where to start a search for rental homes in Denver, where to look for affordable rentals, and more.