Episode 6: A Requiem for Loveland’s avant garde art scene edition

This week on the Diatribe:

Stan Garnett, Colorado’s first pro-marijuana Attorney General and Bill Paxton impersonator.

For more on Garnett, here’s Joel’s piece on his pot politics; more Westword coverage of Garnett’s opponent John Suthers’s anti-pot politics and a Republican marijuana defense lawyer’s defense of liberal Garnett in the Huff Po.

We also discussed the Denver Film Society’s move to the Lowenstein Center on East Colfax and, of course, the attack in Loveland on Enrique Chagoya’s lithograph depicting Jesus, um, servicing one of his flock. See that for yourself here.


Joel Warner: Sound of Young America podcast and Mary Roach’s new book on cosmic travel.
John Dicker: hated on the Denver Post’s invasive, disingenuous pop-up ads. No, he will not link.
Jared Jacang Maher: hated on the name Comfort Dental Amphitheater.

Next week join us when we have Facebook sensation Adam Cayton Hollandas our first in studio guest talking about dick jokes and stuff.

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