Episode 7: The dick jokes, dog parks and dead babies edition

This week on the twice-recorded Denver Diatribe we discuss:

Amendment 62 – constitutional rights for zygotes?

East Colfax’s 11 million dollar dog park, and…

A guided tour through the dick-joke jungle that is the Denver stand up comedy scene from none other than our first in-studio guest, Adam Cayton-Holland.

adam cayton-holland parody headshot

Our guest Adam Cayton-Holland, the man behind the dick joke.

Relevant links:

Dead Babies: Some background from The Denver Post; Adam Cayton-Holland’s profile of the lead organizer for the original amendment from 2008, Kristi Burton-Brown.

East Colfax’s ‘s $11 million dog park.

Everything you need to know about Adam Cayton-Holland including, but not limited to, a recent photo shoot for his new head shot.


Jared loved on Complete Colorado’s real gubernatorial genius series of videos; watch them here.

Joel hated on the Highlands influx of insufferable bourgeois pizza. Let them eat pheasant!

Adam hated on the frat boy happy hour at Govnr’s Park.

John hated on the non story that is, er, was the Mike Rosen -David Sirota dust up.

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