Episode 8: The zombies, UFOs and naked pumpkin runners edition

This week we discuss Denver’s readiness in the event of a zombie attack with the Onion‘s A.V. Club editor certified zombologist Cory Casciato. In other freaking news, did you even know there’s a proposition on the ballot in Denver to establish a committee to investigate UFO encounters? (The Diatribe’s endorsement: Vote YES on initiative 300.) Also, the continuing controversy regarding nudity in Boulder, this time in the form of the long embattled Naked Pumpkin Run.

Here’s the “Pink UFO” music video released to support the UFO Commission ballot initiative and expose how extraterrestrials cure cancer:

In this week’s love and hate, Jared Jacang Maher endorses visionary crackpot and DIA conspiracist, William Tapley:

Joel Warner, meanwhile, loved on the Denver Public Library’s collection of graphic novels and comic books.

John Dicker: loved on Ken Buck’s recent likening of homosexuality to alcoholism. Well, he loved the fact that this caused the Senate candidate to retreat from a comment that as recently as five years ago would have A. Not received any scrutiny since so many Republicans would offer the same statement or B. served as a boon to his campaign. Wither homophobia.

Join us next week when our guest will be 5280’s online editor, Vanessa Martinez.

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