Episode 33: The PR of Love and Jailhouse Death edition

This week we discuss how the City of Denver handled the release of the controversial Marvin Booker jailhouse death video. It’s much more complicated than you think.

And, PR extraordinaire Ryan Peacock as our special guest, we talk about how small businesses can build off of Create Denver Week ┬álast week and better reach out to the media. (Here’s a tip: DON’T WRITE PRESS RELEASE HEADLINES IN ALL CAPS.)

Finally, Ryan talks about marketing yourself for love — in other words, the dos and donts of trolling for partners on Match.com. (Another tip: We all care about our families and enjoy the outdoors. Listing that does not help you stand out.)

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  1. not available

    WOW- maybe someone should look into the hostile work environment with the Denver Sheriff’s Deputies towards the Denver Health Nursing staff and do something about that as well! No one seems to care..

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