Episode 35: The Politics of Harry Potter, Elway and Urban Gardens Edition

In anticipation of the release of the latest Harry Potter flick, Jared and Josh talk with local Libertarian blogger Ari Armstrong about his book “Values of Harry Potter,” which examines the Socialist tendencies of Lord Voldemort and subsequent elf oppression. We also ponder the feel-good proposal by mayoral candidate Michael Hancock to revitalize Denver’s economy through industrial-strength urban gardening.  And why is John Elway threatening to sue a Fort Collins punk band named Elway? Lots of loves and hates, etc.

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2 responses to “Episode 35: The Politics of Harry Potter, Elway and Urban Gardens Edition”

  1. Tavie Crockett

    It’s pronounced Row-ling, like Bowling.

  2. poopypeanutz

    You’re doing a good job with your podcast and I look forward to it every week, but this episode was shockingly awful, especially the first segment. Perhaps it’s just because I don’t give a shit about Harry Potter, especially through the eyes of a Ron Paul-zombie. Even more fun was listening to your guests have to preface all their statements with how they “respect property rights.” Congratulations libertarians. You’ve officially lapped the Marxists as the most worlds most insufferable ideologues.

    PS. Can you change your show’s theme music? Much as “Colorado Girls” was a semi-witty riff on that awful Katy Perry song, all your intro does now is keep the chorus of “California Gurls” in my head almost a year after my eardrums were gang-raped by it. Consider changing it. Otherwise, keep up the good work!

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