Denver Diatribe Episode 48: The Fall Five (or five songs to get you in the mood for fall) music edition

In our haste to catch up after Labor Day weekend—and challenged by the planning logistics of our upcoming Episode #50 event—Jared and Vanessa turned to friends and Facebook to help make a seasonally themed playlist for this week’s podcast.

Yo La Tengo managed to sneak into our otherwise-local final cut. Hard to argue with that one, though. In opposite order of their appearance:

5) “My Coat” by The Food Chain

4) “The Alley” by Devotchka (h/t John Wenzel)

3) “Ships on the Ocean Floor” by The Autumn Film (band h/t to Susanna Dominguez’s friend Brian)

2) “Like a Moth” (ManyColoredBeast remix) by Snake Rattle Rattle Snake (cover art pictured)

1) “Autumn Sweater” by Yo La Tengo (h/t Leslie Krupa via Diatribe Facebook page)

Surely some Diatribe listeners will take issue with this selection. Or maybe you just want to add a favorite to the list. Either way, please enlighten us in the comments. Maybe we’ll make a soundtrack for the #50 shindig.

Or maybe someone will make one for us? We suspect that kind of gesture would be rewarded with a tasty adult beverage. (Just a hunch.)

Also, as promised, more info on this weekend’s Tour de Fat (Denver).

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