Denver Diatribe 56: The Power Trippin,’ Chicken Roostin’ Episode

This week Vanessa, Joel, Jared, and Josh talk “power:” who’s got it, who’s lost it, and who’s taking his to Canada.

Every couple of years, 5280 Magazine takes a stab at identifying the most powerful people in Denver. It’s almost always a controversial endeavor, and the latest detractors have taken to Twitter and Facebook to voice their complaints, which caught the attention of the Denver Post‘s Lynn Bartels.

We also discuss the resignation of Denver’s independent monitor, Richard Rosenthal, the subject of a Westword profile feature Joel wrote in May.

And in light of “Troubleshooter” Tom Martino’s ongoing bankruptcy issues (another link here), we reminisce about the time he hilariously ambushed Jared, then misidentified him on television—resulting in this classic vid by local comedian Adam Cayton-Holland:

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