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2 responses to “Episode 68: This One Goes to 11”

  1. Damon Bauernfeind

    I SO miss cinder alley.. Funtastic Nathans in perticular.. That huge yellow painted fun spot was a big time part of my childhood.. My folks owned a kioske in the alley and I spent alota time in nathans.. The cave, the bear, the roller slides, the shadow room, the tunnels running along the ceiling, and the pizza joint!!! Sadly I have no pics of my fav. childhood memory.. Please help..

    1. Ron S. Doyle

      Yes, all those places were magical, right? Funtastic Nathan’s became Funtastic Fun and is now Lollipop Park—parts still exist. But no more shadow room. 🙁 We’ll ask around and see if we can find old photos.

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