76: Sex, Death and Ski Jumps

A “Lighted Man” ski costume from the new History Colorado Center

Joel and Jared have a very illustrious guest this week: State Historian Bill Convery, who’s in the studio to talk about the grand opening of the brand new History Colorado Center. In honor of the special occasion, they try to keep things on the up-and-up, but instead devolve into discussions of milking make-believe cows and how, exactly, the post-apocalyptic Boulder in “The Stand” interacts with the post-apocalyptic Denver in “The Hunger Games.” Way to be respectful, guys.

The Diatribers also cop to being completely wrong when they predicted the death of Denver’s proposed camping ban last week, wonder where aspiring local filmmakers are going to shoot scenes of gritty urban decay now that there’s talk of demolishing the I-70 viaduct and have a moment of silence for Falling Bear, gone before his time. Hopefully he’s in heaven right now, making sweet, sweet music with Adam Yauch.

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