Episode 90: On hiatus with These Things Matter

These Things Matter logo for Denver DiatribeThis week, while the Diatribe takes a production break to focus on finalizing plans for our new studio, we share an episode of local pop culture podcast These Things Matter.

After Jared dishes on a few deets about our two-week hiatus, we drop in TTM episode 11, in which co-hosts Kevin O’Brien and Taylor Gonda talk with local musician/comedian Sam Tallent about “touring, punk rock, and the proper protocol for splitting Oreos on the road.”

At the end of the show, Tallent sets the stage for a friendly podcast rivalry between the Diatribe and These Things Matter, which of course means we’ll be stalking him to guest a future episode.

Nevertheless, These Things Matter has become one of our favorite Denver-based podcasts, which we’re sure we’ll regret mentioning after it wins Best Podcast in the next Westword Web Awards contest.


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