101: Adrenaline Rush Edition with Luc Hatlestad

This week, Ron and Vanessa are joined by Luc Hatlestad, journalist and articles editor at 5280 magazine. We inject ourselves into Colorado’s bloodstream, seeking to understand our perilous obsession with epinephrine, the adorable neurotransmitter behind our risky behaviors on bikes, in the mountains, and with our ballot measures.

We ask why lead levels in Denver water are at a 12-year high and what we can expect from Frank Bonanno’s takeover of the Lancer Lounge. Vanessa does her “I told you so” dance upon hearing that Trader Joe’s has received approval for a liquor license at the new 7th & Colorado Avenue store. And Ron wonders if a new Auraria campus policy that limits food trucks is a plot to increase campus food court traffic or an early sign of declining affection for the mobile food trend.

We share how each of us copes with the adrenaline rush of election day in a swing state—anxiety, avoidance, and embrace—and then get deep into the murky bong waters of Amendment 64 and what recreational marijuana will look like in Colorado.

We round out the hour discussing Luc’s latest feature for 5280 magazine, Living on the Edge, an in-depth exploration of Colorado’s positive-but-perilous relationship with adventure sports and the natural high that comes with them. Luc shares stories of rock climbers, skiers, and other extreme athletes who push the limits of good reason—for a variety of reasons. And, of course, we all revel in the risks of Colorado’s favorite death sport: recreational day-hiking.

MUSICAL BREAK: “(Now it’s your turn to be) Out of my mind” by American Fuck-Tape. Don’t miss their one-time, repeat performance of The Yellow Machine, a live rockeretta in the spirit of Alice Cooper, Hedwig & The Angry Inch, and KISS, on Black Friday, November 23 at Gothic Theater. Tickets are only $10.

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