108: Chris Anderson of Fierce Bad Rabbit Talks Music



This week, Jared and Josh are joined by Chris Anderson of Fort Collins band Fierce Bad Rabbit to talk Colorado music’s regional bubbles, the struggle to make a career in music, and using Kickstarter to raise money to fund an album. Jared takes off after the newsy bits, but not before commenting on Missy (Elliot) Franklin, elkicide in Boulder, and Denver’s new — and surreal — late night talk show. And a bit on Bieber.

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One response to “108: Chris Anderson of Fierce Bad Rabbit Talks Music”

  1. Erik

    Hey, thanks for not just completely dismissing the elk story as Boulder wackiness. I used to rent in that neighborhood and have seen the elk. While I was bummed that it was shot, I was angrier at the irresponsibility and unscrupulousness of the officers involved. We give police a lot of power in our society, and to check that power, there is an extensive system of protocols that they have to follow. When cops break protocol–no matter how insignificant the infraction, it’s corruption. We shouldn’t minimize what those police did. Letting them get off lightly would promote a culture of lassitude in regard to the rules. Others might think that they could get away with more.

    As far as the community’s emotional reaction, I’m happy to see it. It proves that people of Mapleton Hill are civically engaged and care what goes on around them. Look at Denver and you see all sorts of problems with police brutality and corruption on the force. That stuff doesn’t happen in Boulder because the people are more involved and they don’t let it happen. And yeah, the candle light vigil is kind of groan-inducing, but I heard it was really more for the kids, and it gave neighbors an excuse to get together an socialize.


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