109: Stately Narrative Edition with Robert Rutherford

The Narrators PodcastRobert Rutherford of The Narrators joins us this week for a look at the state of podcasting in Denver—including the resurrection of the popular Narrators Podcast. In this pre-recorded gem, Josh, Ron and Robert state their case for or against Nate Silver’s prediction that the Broncos will not go to the Super Bowl; discuss King Sooper’s plans to (finally!) open a new grocery store downtown; wonder what we’ll do in Golden when the West Corridor Lightrail finally opens this April; and revel in Governor Hickenlooper’s ability to drop an “Oh Jesus” during his State of the State speech and still maintain a purplish approval. We also dig into the reasons behind a recent survey that declared Boulder the unhappiest place to work in America. Could it be a healing crystal shortage?

Finally, we talk about the state of the state, er, state of the podcast, no—podcast of the podcast—in Denver and whether or not our burgeoning love of these RSS-fed packets of audio sweetness are having any effect on local radio and other forms of news. Robert shares a little background info about the new-and-improved Narrators Podcast, explains our new collaboration (we’re producing the darned thing!) and attempts his best impersonation of his co-host, local standup Andrew Orvedahl.

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