112: Jurassic Guesthouse Edition with Greg and Meredith Tally of Best Western Denver Southwest Dino Resort

Greg Tally, dinosaur hunter.

Greg Tally, dinosaur hunter.

Dinosaurs. Hell mustangs. Mad scientists. Folky cello players.

This week, Joel, Vanessa and Jared turn the Denver Diatribe into one of those awesome Saturday-afternoon Syfy movies where ’80s C-list actors battle it out against bad-CGI monsters. It’s all thanks to Greg and Meredith Tally of the Best Western Denver Southwest. You know, the folks turning their hotel into a dinosaur resort. And who helped bankroll a museum for science superhero Nikola Tesla. And who just had an entire cartoon in “The Oatmeal” dedicated to them. Yeah, those guys.

Somehow, the crew also finds time to dissect the Judgmental Denver map, celebrate the Lumineers’ world domination and ruminate over whether it’s time to put the DIA blue mustang sculpture out to pasture in some far corner of Hell once and for all.

GIVEAWAY ALERT! The Tallys had so much fun, in fact, they offered up a contest prize to end all contest prizes. That’s right:  Subscribe to the Denver Diatribe via e-mail by February 13 to be entered to win a two-night stay at the fully remodeled and dino-fied Best Western Denver Southwest, along with personal dinner with the dinosaur hunters themselves, Greg and Meredith Tally. It’s the closest thing you can get to a helicopter ride to Jurassic Park, and all you have to do is subscribe to our podcast. Some restrictions apply, of course, like you have to promise not to try to smuggle out any of the Tally’s dinosaur DNA in a modified shaving cream can. Cuz that never turns out well.

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4 responses to “112: Jurassic Guesthouse Edition with Greg and Meredith Tally of Best Western Denver Southwest Dino Resort”

  1. Joey De La Cruz

    Good Afternoon,

    I’m trying to reach Greg and Meredith Tally to talk more about their Dinosaur interest and if they do any other dinosaur related experiences. Could you please tell me how to contact them? That would be great! Thank you!


    1. Ron S. Doyle

      Just emailed them, Joey. Hopefully they’ll contact you.

  2. Adrian Smith

    Do not Stay at this hotel!
    #1 At the time we checked in the very polite and incompetent front desk host stated that our room was not ready but we could check in early and just come back after 3pm and our room with a single king bed “that we reserved” would be ready. After 3pm when we got back to the hotel and picked up our room keys we were surprised that our room had 2 twin beds in it instead of just one king “that we reserved months in advance and were told a few hours earlier would be available” so we called the front desk immediately after walking in to the room to tell them about the mix up and the front desk said that the room we reserved was not available and we would just have to take what they had.
    #2 There was no hot water! So we called the front desk to tell them the problem and they said to just let the hot water run for 15min and it should start warming up after that. This did not work so we both had to take cold showers to get ready for the wedding that we were in town for. After showering we called the front desk again and asked for the manager. While talking to the manager we told her that the water still did not get hot or even warm after 15min of letting the water run and that we were checked in to a room that we did not want, reserve, or purchase and her solution was to give us a $25 gift card and an apology. We did not except and told her that it was an insult to even offer us $25 of Best Western cash. We then told her that we did not want to pay for something that we did not want in the first place, that we did not reserve and we were given something different than what we were told that we were getting. She had no solution to fix the issues with the room or the lack of hot water besides a $25 gift card to be used at Best Western hotels.
    #3 When we first checked in we asked for a late check out due to our flight not leaving until late in the evening. The lady at the front desk said that we could check out of our room at 2pm and that she would make a note of it in the computer so there would not be any issues with house keeping trying to clean the room while we were still in it. Again this was another lie. The manager came to our room at NooN to ask us why we have not yet checked out. So we told her that the front desk said that we could check out at 2pm when we first checked in. The manager said that we should never have been told that and that we would have to either leave or pay for another night. So we told the manager that the front desk noted our late check out in the computer and it would be wrong for her to not stand behind what her employee said was OK. She gave us 30min to leave the hotel or our credit card would be charged again.
    #4 Most of the hotel was under construction so there were messes everywhere, noises everywhere, parking lot was full of construction vehicles and supplies so we had to park in the connecting parking lot.
    #5 The door closest to our room to enter the building did not read the key cards so every time we were leaving or arriving someone was locked out side of the building and waiting for some one to let them in to the building. This was only a minor inconvenience to us until people just started propping the door open so that they would not be locked out. This led to a group of drunk guys and girls running through the halls at 3am one night knocking on all of the room doors and shouting through the halls and pulling the emergency alarm. When I woke up to see what the emergency was ” Fire/flood/” I saw the 10 or so people running back out of the door that had been propped open. Once again we called the front desk to tell them about the door being broken to find out that it has been broken for some time and that they knew about it but their main focus was the renovation of the building and their maintenance guy was too busy to fix the door.
    So with that said Stay at your own risk and I would also advise arming your self with a knife or gun if staying at this location due to the neighbourhood kids knowing that they can come and go when ever they please through the back door!

  3. Kivan

    We got to interview Greg and Meredith on our show last week.

    Here is our blog post if you want to check out the video/audio for it:


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