116: Denver Horse Bacon Butcher Edition with Mark DeNittis

We talk with Mark DeNittis from Cook Street School of Culinary Art about GMO labels, Denver Restaurant Week, horse meat, and the rebirth of the butcher in Denver’s food scene. Also, we’re giving away tasty treats from Denver Bacon Company! Listen for details.

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4 responses to “116: Denver Horse Bacon Butcher Edition with Mark DeNittis”

  1. Brian Hayashi

    Great, great podcast. To misquote an old Katy Perry song, I’ve eaten horse, and I liked it. I was in Bratislava eating a brisket sandwich when the proprietor confided that I was eating horse…and that it probably came from America. Wowzers! That insight realy opened my eyes. Overly industrialized/coddled cultures like the US and UK demonize the practice because we have humanized Old MacDonald and all of his farm animals…when in fact it wasn’t that long ago that our ancestors had to make use of every part of the animal. (I suppose you can tell a lot about a culture by the way it thinks about pickling.) Right now there’s a whole lot of waste…one UK report said the average consumer wastes twice as much water in the way they consume food than the total amount they drink and bathe in.

  2. Jason Cobb

    Anyone else smell bacon?

  3. AdamMackWright

    Call me when we get to Human Bacon. It’s only a matter of time.

  4. disqus_3t2dEhVo5M

    Bacon, it’s the new bacon! Bacon, it’s the new butter! Bacon, it’s the new 30! What comes to mind is an old New York Times article by veteran political writer, R.W. Apple who was a serious bacon lover. I wonder what he would have said about this bacon podcast?

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