Episodes hosted by Denver Diatribe

Episode 61: Recovering (from war and unfunny politics)

This week, Vanessa and Josh talk with award-winning journalist Michael de Yoanna about his latest project, and humor (or the lack of it) in politics on the heels of Stephen Colbert launching his presidential exploratory committee and the convening of the Colorado state legislature (#coleg). Mike corrects our misinformation about his Denver past before sharing […]


Denver Diatribe 56: The Power Trippin,’ Chicken Roostin’ Episode

This week Vanessa, Joel, Jared, and Josh talk “power:” who’s got it, who’s lost it, and who’s taking his to Canada. Every couple of years, 5280 Magazine takes a stab at identifying the most powerful people in Denver. It’s almost always a controversial endeavor, and the latest detractors have taken to Twitter and Facebook to […]


Denver Diatribe 55: The Groupon Sucks, Free Samples Rock, and Black Friday is Now Thursday Edition

This week we explore our inner cheapskates with MileHighontheCheap.com‘s Laura Daily. We discuss Groupon’s mediocre performance in the stock market and whether it’s a sign of the daily deal site’s impending doom—or its evolution into a magical creature that poops out killer discounts to Denver’s hottest restaurants. Laura and co-hosts Jared, Joel and Ron guide […]