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Episode 40: The Urbanite’s Belated Nostalgia for Cattle and Black Rodeo Edition

This week Josh Johnson and Vanessa Martinez pull a talk duet in the 3rd world country known as Josh’s Capitol Hill apartment. We discuss the possibility of the famed National Western Stock Show getting lassoed into Aurora, how Colorado Public Radio is trying to go all hip ‘n shit, and the wonderful nation of IKEA. […]


Episode 39: The Masculinity, Veganism, Porta Potty Edition

This week we talk with Westword’s Amber Taufen about her cover story on cops using meditation to mellow out and where meateaters should go for vegetarian food in Denver. Co-hosts John Dicker, Vanessa Martinez, Josh Johnson and Jared Jacang Maher also discuss death by falling at Red Rocks, Boulder’s peeping porta potty party pooper (watch the […]


Episode 14: The Holiday music edition. We’re not kidding.

This week on the Diatribe we get totally experimental and play music! Holy SHIT: using a podcast to play music. We’re going to be rich. Especially cause guiding us through the landscape of the Denver music scene, or rather, through four songs, is special guest, Westword music critic Kiernan Maletsky. Here’s the bands/songs featured, click […]