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One response to “Episode 40: The Urbanite’s Belated Nostalgia for Cattle and Black Rodeo Edition”

  1. 3Two

    Hey, this is 3Two, i appreciate the plug, it means a lot. So, here are some clarifications to answer questions: 3Two isn’t actually referring to the beer, but rather my first and last initials. My name is Chris Bennett, so the 3Two is representing the C and the B, as they are the 3rd and 2nd letters in the alphabet. The restaurant I am sous Chef for is called Bistro Vendome which is located on Larimer Square. Lastly, the open mics at summit music hall are every thursday, I also have a show this saturday, July 9th at the Marquis opening for The Kidz inthe Hall, and Classified along with local hip-hop group J.O.B. (just ova broke). I also am performing at the toad tavern the following friday for a benefit show for Chi Cheng of the deftones. I will have my DJ, DJ Rashka Ishii for that show, and following that, i will be performing at the TS Board Shop on sunday, July 24th for the Underground Music Showcase. Anybody wanting to check out some of my music can go to http://www.reverbnation.com/3Two, and i can be found on facebook at http://www.facebook.com/emcee3Two and my ep will be available on itunes very, very soon,

    tThanks so much for the honorable mention, I really, really do appreciate it.

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