Episode 60: Requiem for Denver’s sports hooligans

This week, Joel and Ron talk about sports, something they know absolutely nothing about, so for a special guest they bring in Colin Daniels of the South Stands Denver Fancast.

When Joel and Ron aren’t jealously admiring South Stands’ snazzy business cards, sports apparel line and recent “Best Podcast in Denver” award, the three wax poetic about the burgeoning Denver podcast scene and the good old days when Denver didn’t have any championship teams, but made up for it with rowdy blue-collar hooligans. Incredibly, very little time is spent discussing Tim Tebow.

Local designer Justin Lascelle also calls in with an acceptance speech of sorts for being named “Listener’s Choice Asshole of the Year” in last week’s special episode. True to form, it’s far from charming.

Finally, we give some details about our upcoming live podcast, coming up on Wednesday, Feb. 29 at 7 pm at the Denver Film Center, 2510 E. Colfax Avenue in Denver. It’s gonna be co-hosted by the Onion’s AV Club, so it should be a very good time. Come on out for it, and bring your love and hate.

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One response to “Episode 60: Requiem for Denver’s sports hooligans”

  1. Kevin M. Scarbrough

    I cried tears of acid (both hydrochloric and LSD) when I heard Justin won. I’m now faceless… thanks asshole.

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