Episode 66: Jury Duty, School Choice, and the Fickle Wench

On this week’s episode, we ask Joel how to get out of jury duty, express bewilderment over Denver Public Schools’ new school-choice program, and plug the shit out of our upcoming live event, Killing the Cow Town.

Josh and Vanessa will likely never be summoned for jury duty, but if they are, Joel’s recent Slate article will be a good backgrounder on the “science” of jury selection. If there’s any science behind DPS’ school-choice program, it remains elusive, which only fuels our propensity to bash it.

Speaking of bash, there’s this little event called Killing the Cow Town coming up this Wednesday at the Denver FilmCenter. Maybe you’ve heard about it? The Diatribe cohort will be on hand, and Vanessa might even find a costume to play up her new Fickle Wench persona. Tweet her your ideas.

And click here for more details about the event. See you there.

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