Episode 92: Back to School, Summer Scream, and Billionaire Dreams Edition

Summer ScreamWe’re back in action, recording from our new studio location on the 14th floor of the Daniels & Fisher Clocktower. If you notice a little echo in this episode, it’s because we’re surrounded by 360 degrees of glass, marble, high-rise rooftop pools and sexy downtown Denver goodness. Holla.

This week, Josh and Ron are joined by Karla Rodriguez of the Denver Film Society and Reel Social Club. We talk about the University of Colorado analysts predicting a Romney win in the presidential election. On a possibly related note, we examine why CU-Boulder has topped the Princeton Review’s pot-smoking list but dropped from it’s former party-school pedestal. We ask who, exactly, was growing 22 acres of marijuana in Waldo Canyon, why a billionaire would build his own private Old West ghost town, and when will Denver break its heat wave record this summer.

Then we dig deep into Summer Scream, Reel Social Club’s annual end-of-summer celebration¬†at Lakeside Amusement Park, where Denver’s young-and-fun cinephiles gather to act like kids (with an open bar, of course).

A little debate about concealed-carry gun laws on college campuses, decorum and etiquette classes for misbehaving Broncos fans, a little love and hate, and we’re out.

MUSICAL BREAK: “Snake” by Stella Luce

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2 responses to “Episode 92: Back to School, Summer Scream, and Billionaire Dreams Edition”

  1. Robin

    As a former Forestry Technician for the federal government, I can assure you that it is extremely unlikely that park rangers or foresters are “moonlighting” as pot growers. You were right about them not getting paid very much, but the people that work for the National Forest Service (and other federal land management agencies) are very devoted to protecting forests; they are so dedicated to their jobs that they take the low pay and most work seasonally, which means they do not get any benefits. They do it out of their love of the profession. I don’t know a single Forest Service employee that would risk their job to do something illegal & (especially) that would have an impact on the forests they protect.

    I am not making a moral statement about growing pot, I just want you to know know how seriously park rangers and forestry professionals take their careers, and the jobs they do should be better respected, even though they are not prestigious or well paid.

    1. Ron S. Doyle

      Great comment, Robin. We’ll share on the next podcast.

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