122: City Beautiful Edition with Development Guru Ken Schroeppel

Photo credit: Ryan Dravitz

Photo credit: Ryan Dravitz

Big things are happening in Denver. New rail lines are snaking out in all directions. Union Station is transforming into a modern transit hub. High rises are sprouting from once-vacant lots. To figure out what it means, we chat with Ken Schroeppel, instructor at the University of Colorado Denver’s College of Architecture and Planning, not to mention the development guru behind Denverinfill.com and Denverurbanism.com. This isn’t some wonky discussion of building permits and zoning rules. There’s talk of Denver’s long-dead streetcar lines, the multimillion-dollar ramifications of DIA’s doomed baggage-handling system, and rumors of backroom deals swirling around Union Station’s redevelopment. And yes, flying cars.

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4 responses to “122: City Beautiful Edition with Development Guru Ken Schroeppel”

  1. Erik

    Remember when you guys used to make fun of Denver Infill for being too wonky?

    1. denverdiatribe

      What? When? Never! We said that Denver Infill makes wonky SEXY: http://denverdiatribe.com/2011/01/03/denver-diatribe-pocast-15/

  2. disqus_PO37LqSf1h

    In my opinion, I find your defining title to be a statement of downplaying the region, “A weekly podcast from Denver, the most interesting city between Omaha & Salt Lake”, should maybe read:

    A weekly podcast from Denver, the most interesting city between Chicago & San Francisco

  3. Dan

    One thing I wanted Ken to clarify about the W line was that there is no easy way to ride from Golden to the downtown area (the W line only goes to Union Station). Most of my friends that live that way, that work downtown wont use the new line because of this, as they tend to work in the financial district, and it doesn’t save them any time to go to union station – wait for the mall ride – then walk 2 or 3 blocks from there down Stout or California or further (for those working in the WF building). Was or is there any design consideration to get the new W line to the middle light rail core loop down California/Stout?

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